Are you a sustainable fashion brand? Green Fabrics exist to change the way we consume fashion. We create radical transparency for individual pieces of clothing. Enabling consumers to buy fashion items which match their personal buying motives. Thats right. Sustainable shoppers. We are an impact organization disrupting the highly polluting fast fashion trend.

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Data Insights

Use our product and gain critiqual insights about what your customers find most important.


Consumers are willing to pay more if they know why. Being transparanent leads to more loyal customers.


Better margins on Sustainable items. More loyal, returning, and profitable consumers.

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Through our services, SÅR apparel increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Leading to significantly increased ROI. To this day, SÅR apparel is feeling the positive impact transparency is bringing their company.

How To Impact Report

An impact report is not just a one-way description. It is about analysis and we tell you which analyses you should perform and why.

Chances & Opportunities

Trends, sustainability, technology, circulair business models, and corporate social responsibility. Whats in it for you?

Journey Ahead

Working with suppliers in Europe has benefits. Fashion brands who are transparent have more loyal customers. Learn why.

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Our team is here to help you become successful as a purpose driven fashion brand. Learn what our people can do for you. 

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It is often said, ‘If you want to go fast go solo, if you want to get far go together. We’re here to go far and therefore we need your help. See the available positions.