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  • Small beer (2,25 cl) € 2,25
  • Medium beer (3,33 cl) € 3,50
  • Big beer (5 cl) € 4,25
  • Pitcher (1,2 L) € 12


  • Eiwitje € 4,25
  • Brand Weizen € 4,50
  • Radler € 4,25
  • Liefmans € 4,50


Glass / Bottle


  • Pine Ridge Chenin 14 / 48

    Italy, Calistoga region, 2006

  • Prima Robusto 14 / 48

    Italy, Calistoga region, 2018


  • Chardonnay 14 / 48

    Italy, Calistoga region, 2016

  • Monte Christo 14 / 48

    Italy, Toscane region, 2019


  • Charbono Shyypoke 14 / 48

    Italy, Calistoga region, 2006

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 14 / 48

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  • Negroni 14

    The Negroni was invented in a bar in Florence 20th century by Italian Camillo Negroni. He asked the bartender to strengthen his cocktail, an Americano, so the bartender replaced the soda water with gin and added an orange peel instead of the Americano's typical lemon peel. The drink of gin, vermouth, and Campari has become a popular cocktail

  • Whiskey Sour 14

    The first printed recipe for a Whiskey Sour appeared in the Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide, which was the first-ever cocktail book released in 1862. A mixture of whiskey, sugar, and lemon, the Whiskey Sour used to be made with egg white, but that ingredient isn't as common anymore.

  • Aperol Spritz 14

    Served as an aperitivo, a light pre-meal drink, the Aperol Spritz originated in Italy in 1919. While you'd find Europeans enjoying this cocktail with Aperol, bubbly wine, and sparkling water ever since, the Aperol Spritz didn't make it big in the U.S. until the 2010s. But with only three ingredients and a light alcohol content, this easy-to-drink cocktail can now be found at brunches and happy hours around the world.

  • Mojito 14

    Dating back to 16th-century Cuba, the Mojito — made from rum, lime, mint, and sugar — was supposedly consumed for medicinal purposes. Eventually, it became known as the Mojito, as it first appeared in the 1932 edition of Sloppy Joe's Bar Cocktails Manual. Sloppy Joe's was a famed bar in Havana and the Mojito only consists of ingredients native to Cuba.

  • Long Island Iced Tea 14

    It has four different spirits — vodka, rum, gin, and tequila — that don't seem to go together. But mix those with triple sec, lemon juice, and cola and you've got a cocktail.

Our Promise

Two years ago I stared Grand Café ‘Time Out’ to give everybody in Groningen a hospitable experience. Till this day I do this with please and will continue to serve your drink with sincerity and skill. 

James Johnson. Owner Time Out


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tofalvi szebi
tofalvi szebi
25 reviews, 2 weeks ago
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Great place, nice crew, fantastic location also a huge selection of beers! The prices are rather high tho..
Lydia Kufeld
Lydia Kufeld
13 reviews, 1 month ago
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Very relaxed and good atmosphere, great service!
Thijs Vos
Thijs Vos
2 reviews, 2 hours ago
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Beers are nice, but daym, this QR app is even better! It makes it so easy to order and you even can earn a discount.

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