Meet the team

Say hello to the dedicated team of Green Fabrics.

'We dream of a
sustainable fashion industry.'

Meet Our People

The Team Of Green Fabrics Comes Together For One Soul Purpose: Creating Radical Transparency For The Fashion Industry. Hereby Telling The Story Of The Impact On The Environment And Origin Of The Garment. Contributing To A More Sustainable And Ethical Industry Where Child Labour And Greenwashing Are Taboo. 
Because we have a passion for fashion.

Who is behind all of this?

The Partners

Thijs Vos

Strategy & Business Development


Jos Kooijman

marketing & Fashion expert


Why we founded Green Fabrics

In the beginning of 2020 Thijs and Jos were trying to launch a clothing and accessories brand that was focused on delivering quality in an ecological sustainable manner. However, sourcing the right fabrics was harder than we thought and more expensive than we thought. The first question we asked ourselves was: why? Then we found out that most suppliers have something to hide and that there is to low of a demand for the right suppliers, which resulted in the high prices. Just because the industry was hidden and filled with lies, sustainability in the fashion industry was nowhere near where it is supposed to be. So instead of making an apparel brand we started with the root cause of the problem: no transparency.

And now we live under the motto: 

Fuck Fast Fashion

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The Advisors

Monique Hofstede

Coach | Moving Spirits

Jellie Tiemersma

Business Coach | Personal Too

Eelko Huizingh

Advisor | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Erwin Miedema


Heleen van Balen

Real Estate

Rene Minnema

Labor Law

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